Welcome to the CineStar multiplex cinema operated by CineStar s.r.o., with registered office at Radlická 3185/1c, 150 00 Prague 5, ID No.: 264 35 675, a company registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C., Insert 81978 (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator"). We would like to make this visit a pleasant experience for you and other visitors. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take note of these rules and follow them:

By purchasing a ticket or entering the multiplex with a valid ticket for any cinema performance, the visitor agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions and the content of these Visiting and operating rules. The visitor is obliged to present a valid ticket at the entrance to the multiplex and is obliged to keep it with him/her during the whole stay in the multiplex.

The purchased ticket is valid only for a specific film performance, a specific hall and a specific seat listed on the ticket.

Multiplex visitors are not allowed to:

  • • smoking in all areas of the multiplex cinema, in particular it is forbidden to smoke any tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, any products, especially tobacco products, by means of so-called smokeless electronic devices, e.g. IQOS, vaporizers, etc. (smoking is allowed only in a designated area, if such is established in the multiplex cinema);
  • • enter the multiplex cinema with food and beverages purchased outside the multiplex cinema;
  • • enter the multiplex cinema under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants;
  • • to bring any animals into the multiplex cinema;
  • • use a mobile phone during a film performance;
  • • move from one cinema hall to another without a valid ticket for that cinema hall;
  • • use emergency exits designed solely for the evacuation of the multiplex cinema;
  • • disturbing film performances by loud talking, whistling and in other ways contrary to the principles of social behaviour;
  • • use physical force, obscene language or gestures or expressions, or any language that denigrates a race, religion or ethnicity;
  • • carry firearms or be otherwise armed in all areas of the multiplex cinema;
  • • damage the multiplex cinema property in any way, including writing, spraying, scratching, etc.;
  • • deliberately damage any safety or fire-fighting equipment;
  • • carry large luggage into the multiplex cinema;
  • • make any audio, visual or audio-visual recordings during a film performance on any equipment capable of making such recordings;
  • • attend the performance if they do not meet the age limit for accessibility set by the Operator or distributor of the audiovisual work in accordance with Section 4(c) and (d) of Regulation No. 496/2012 Coll. (Audiovisual Act); for this purpose, visitors are obliged to prove to the CineStar multiplex operator that they meet the relevant age limit.

Legal guardians are full responsible for the minor cinema patrons s and it is their full responsibility to assess whether or not a given film performance marked according to Section 4 (a) and (b) of Regulation No. 496/2012 Coll. (the Audiovisual Act) as accessible without restrictions or unsuitable for children under 12 years of age is suitable for a minor. The operator of the CineStar multiplex shall not be liable for any harm caused to a minor for this reason.

Multiplex visitors are advised not to:

  • • enter the performance with children under the age of 3, except for special performances intended for this purpose ("CineStar for Mothers", "Star Mom", etc.). If a parent attends a performance with a child under the age of 3, the child is not entitled to his/her own seat and does not pay any admission fee. A child over 3 years of age pays the admission fee and is entitled to his/her own seat.
In case of violation of these rules, the CineStar multiplex operator is entitled to expel the visitor from the CineStar multiplex premises and the visitor is obliged to leave the CineStar multiplex premises at the request of the operator or a person authorized by the operator. In this case, the visitor is not entitled to a refund of the admission fee. If the visitor does not obey the operator's request to leave the CineStar cinema premises, the operator is entitled to interrupt or cancel the relevant performance. The visitor who has caused such interruption or cancellation shall be fully liable for any damages caused by such interruption or cancellation.

Important notices

  • • in the event of a computer network failure and subsequent non-functioning of the box office, reservations cannot be kept, spectators will be sold replacement tickets;
  • • if some performances are cancelled due to reasons of force majeure, in particular due to the failure of technical equipment, a refund of admission fees may be claimed upon presentation of the ticket for the cancelled performance; the right to a refund of admission fees may be exercised within one month of the relevant event;
  • • visitors are obliged to count their refunds immediately at the ticket office, later claims will not be taken into account;
  • • in the event of damage to the premises and equipment of the multiplex cinema, the Operator is entitled to compensation;
  • • in the event that no tickets are sold within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of the performance, the performance is completely cancelled without the possibility of starting at a later time;
  • • during closed school performances, a school (educational) supervisor, which was determined by the school management;
  • • and brought the spectators to the multiplex cinema, is responsible for the order and safety of the audience;
  • • the film performance ends only after the screening of the final subtitles; spectators are required to leave the auditorium only after the ceiling lights have been switched on in order to protect their safety;
  • • the operator is not responsible for the personal belongings of visitors deposited freely in the premises of the multiplex cinema;
  • • storage lockers are set up in selected multiplex cinemas to store personal belongings; The operator is not responsible for stored items in these lockers. To store items in the box, the visitor is obliged to follow the instructions for storing items in the box;
  • • the sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited in the entire multiplex cinema area;
  • • legal representatives are fully responsible for the purchased goods for their minor visitors, it is their full responsibility to assess whether the purchased goods, including promotional materials and promotional items for films, are suitable or not;
  • • it is forbidden to carry any glass objects in the multiplex cinema area;
  • • in the event that the visitor uses his / her cup to purchase a draft drink in a multiplex cinema, the visitor is responsible for its health and hygiene safety, not the Operator of the multiplex cinema;
  • • an integral part of the film performance for which the ticket is purchased is an advertising block with a maximum length of 30 minutes, which consists of commercial advertising messages and film trailers; however, the length of the ad unit is not included in the total length of the movie title.

Special (additional) rules for halls with 3D digital projection

Every visitor who visits the 3D digital projection will receive special glasses at the box office or on arrival at the hall. It is the duty of each visitor to follow the rules below throughout the visit to the multiplex cinema.

  • • never fold the glasses, if the visitor does not receive them also in the folded state, they may be irreparably damaged;
  • • never clean the glasses or touch the lenses, as this may cause irreversible damage to their sensitive surface
  • • in case of dirt on the glasses or any other defects or damage, contact the cinema staff only;
  • • always return the glasses to the cinema staff when leaving the hall, even when leaving the performance to use a toilet or for refreshments, if the halls are without the cinema staff, hand over the glasses at a predetermined place.
In the event of damage to the glasses, the Operator may recover the damage.

The Operator does not take any responsibility for possible health problems of very sensitive individuals when visiting the 3D projection (nausea, headache, eye fatigue, etc.).


In Prague on October 1, 2019.


CineStar s.r.o., headquartered in Prague 5, Radlická 3185/1c, IČ: 264 35 675, registered as a company in the commercial registry of the Prague Municipal Court, section C., entry 81978.