Welcome to this CineStar network cinema multiplex. We would like your visit to always be an enjoyable experience for you and other moviegoers. That is why we kindly ask you to take note of these rules and comply with them:

By purchasing a ticket or entering the multiplex with a valid ticket to any showing, visitors agree to abide by the terms and content of this Visitors Code. Visitors must present a valid ticket when entering the multiplex and must keep this ticket on their person for their entire stay at the multiplex.

A purchased ticket is only good for the specific film showing, specific theater and seat listed on it.

Multiplex visitors are prohibited from:

  • Smoking in all multiplex areas (smoking is only permitted in designated areas, provided that the multiplex has such areas)
  • Entering the multiplex with food and drink purchased outside the multiplex facility
  • Entering the multiplex under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances
  • Bringing any animals into the multiplex
  • Using mobile telephones during film showings
  • Moving from one theater to another without a valid ticket for the given theater
  • Using the emergency exits intended exclusively for the evacuation of the multiplex
  • Disrupting the film showing with loud talking, whistling or other inappropriate disruptive conduct
  • Using physical force, obscene expressions or gestures or any other racially, religiously or ethnically denigrating acts
  • Bringing firearms or other weapons into the multiplex
  • Damaging the multiplex premises in any way, including writing, spray painting, scratching etc.
  • Deliberately damaging any security or fire safety system
  • Bringing sizeable luggage into the multiplex
  • Making any audio, visual or audio-visual recordings during the film showing on any device enabling such recording
  • Attending a showing if under the age limit determined by the producer or distributor of the audio-visual work pursuant to Section 4, let c) and d) of Regulation no. 496/2012 Coll. (the Audio-Visual Act); for this purpose visitors are required to demonstrate to the operator of the CineStar multiplex that they are of the required age.

The legal guardian accompanying a minor is fully responsible for deciding whether the given film showing designated pursuant to Section 4, let a) and b) of Regulation no. 496/2012 Sb (The Audio-Visual Act) general admission or not suitable for children under 12, is suitable for the minor or not. The operator of the CineStar multiplex is not liable for any injury arising to the minor for this reason.

Multiplex visitors are encouraged not to:

  • Attend showings with children under the age of 3, with the exception of special showings for this purpose (“CineStar pro maminky” – CineStar for Mothers, “Hvězdná máma” – Star Mama, etc.). If a parent with child under 3 years of age attends a showing, the child is not entitled to his/her own seat and does not pay admission. Children over 3 pay admission and are entitled to their own seat.
Any violation of these rules entitles the operator of the CineStar multiplex or its authorized personnel to instruct the visitor to leave the CineStar multiplex and upon such request the visitor must leave the premises. In such case, the visitor is not entitled to a refund of admission. If the visitor fails to heed the request to leave the CineStar multiplex, the operator is entitled to interrupt or cancel the showing. The visitor causing such interruption or cancellation with his/her behavior bears full liability for all damages incurred.

Important notices

  • In the event of a computer network outage that prevents box offices from honoring reservations, viewers will be sold different tickets.
  • If certain showings are cancelled due to force majeures resulting in the failure of technical systems, admission may be refunded after presenting tickets for the cancelled showing; it is possible to get a refund of admission for up to 1 month after the particular event.
  • Visitors are required to count their change immediately when it is handed to them. Later claims will be disregarded.
  • In the event of any damage to the premises and furnishings of the multiplex, the operator of the CineStar multiplex is entitled to damage compensation.
  • If no tickets are sold 10 minutes before the planned beginning of the showing, the showing is cancelled entirely and will not be started at a later time.
  • During private school showings, the school supervisor (teacher) designated by school management who has brought the students to the multiplex is responsible for the order and safety of student viewers.
  • The film showing ends after the final credits have rolled; viewers will leave the theater once the house lights come on to ensure their safety
  • The operator is not liable for the personal belongings of visitors left freely on the multiplex premises.
  • Select multiplexes are equipped with lockers for the storage of personal items; the operator is not responsible for the storage of items in these lockers; after placing items in the locker the visitor is obliged to follow the instructions for the storage of items in the locker.
  • Throughout the multiplex facility it is prohibited to sell alcohol to persons under 18 years of age.
  • Legal guardians are fully responsible for all goods purchased by minors, and they are responsible for determining whether the purchased goods, including promotional materials and advertising items for films are suitable or not
  • It is prohibited to bring any glass items on to the premises of the multiplex
  • An integral part of the film showing for which the ticket is purchased is the block of advertisements, lasting for a maximum of 30 minutes, consisting of commercial messages and film trailers; the length of the advertising block, however, is not included in the total length of the feature film.

Special (additional) rules for 3D digital projection theaters

Each visitor seeing a 3D digital film will receive special glasses at the box office or when entering the theater. It is the obligation of every visitor to adhere to the rules given below for the entire duration of their multiplex visit.

  • The glasses should never be folded, unless the visitor receives them from the usher already folded. Otherwise they could be irreparably damaged.
  • You should never clean the lenses of the glasses or touch the lenses, this may irreparably damage their sensitive surface.
  • If you notice dirt on the glasses or any other defect or damage, you should only contact cinema personnel for assistance.
  • Glasses should always be returned to the ushers when leaving the theater, even when leaving the showing to go to the bathroom or get refreshments. If the particular theater does not have ushers permanently present, when the film is over glasses should be returned to a predetermined location (placed in a container or returned to the designated multiplex employee upon his request).
If the glasses are damaged, compensation for the damage may be requested by the CineStar Company.

As the operator of CineStar multiplex cinemas, CineStar s.r.o bears no liability for any possible health problems experienced by very sensitive individuals viewing 3D films (nausea, headaches, eye fatigue, etc.).


In Prague on May 10th, 2015


CineStar s.r.o., headquartered in Prague 5, Radlická 3185/1c, IČ: 264 35 675, registered as a company in the commercial registry of the Prague Municipal Court, section C., entry 81978.