• 1.1 The “CineStar Company” is CineStar s.r.o., a company headquartered at Radlická 3185/1c, 150 00, Prague 5, IČ: 26435675, entered into the commercial registry of the Prague Municipal Court, section C, entry 81978.
  • 1.2 The CineStar Company operates multiplex cinemas at the following addresses:
    • CineStar Hradec Králové, Brněnská 23a, Hradec Králové
    • CineStar Ostrava, Novinářská 6c, Ostrava
    • CineStar České Budějovice, Milady Horákové 1498, České Budějovice
    • CineStar Olomouc, Pražská ul. 255/41, Olomouc
    • CineStar Plzeň, Písecká 972/1, Plzeň
    • CineStar Pardubice, Nám. Republiky 1400, Pardubice
    • CineStar Mladá Boleslav, třída Václava Klementa 1459, Mladá Boleslav
    • CineStar Jihlava, Hradební 1/5440, Jihlava
    • CineStar Liberec, České Mládeže 456, Liberec
    • CineStar Anděl, Radlická 3179/1E, Praha 5 – Smíchov
    • CineStar Černý Most, Chlumecká 765/6, Praha 9
    • CineStar Opava, U Fortny 49/10, Opava
    • (hereinafter the “facility” or “multiplex”)
  • 1.3 The “Customer” is the subject who has concluded a purchase contract for a ticket to a film showing or other performance arranged by the CineStar Company directly in a facility of the CineStar Company or through the internet at www.cinestar.cz.
  • 1.4 “Regular ticket” is a ticket that the Customer receives upon payment at a multiplex box office.
  • 1.5 “E-ticket” is a ticket with a numeric bar code that the customer receives in PDF format for printing or that is sent to the Customer’s mobile telephone as an SMS, always upon ordering and paying for the ticket through the internet.
  • 1.6 A Customer who buys tickets at a multiplex or through the internet agrees with these General Terms and Conditions, which are binding for both parties. The prevailing version of the General Terms and Conditions is the version valid upon the day payment is made of the ticket purchase price.
  • 1.7 „Mobile application Cool Ticket” operated by Cool Ticketing, s.r.o., with its registered office at Třída Karla IV. 468/18, 500 02 Hradec Králové, company registration number 02387662, entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the District Court in Hradec Králové, Section C, File 32945.


  • 2.1 A Customer can purchase tickets to a multiplex cinema operated by the CineStar Company at a multiplex box office with or without having made prior online reservations and can pay for tickets in cash or with a MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express or Diners Club credit card, or through the Edenred, Sodexho Pass or Cheque Déjeuner voucher systems for cultural events, or with vouchers issued by CineStar s.r.o.
  • 2.2 The Customer can buy tickets to multiplexes operated by the CineStar Company through the internet and pay with the following types of credit cards: MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, Visa, Visa Electron and Diners Club or through the PaySec, Benefity, Benefity Plus, Cafeteria mojeBenefity, Benefity Café or Gallery Beta payment systems.


  • 3.1 E-tickets may be purchased no later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the desired showing. After that time, a Customer can only buy regular tickets from the multiplex box office.
  • 3.2 When buying e-tickets it is not possible to use discount vouchers, free tickets or vouchers issued by the CineStar Company.
  • 3.3 When buying e-tickets it is possible during a single transaction to buy tickets to multiple showings. For each showing however, it is only possible to buy a maximum of 6 tickets during a single transaction.
  • 3.4 When buying e-tickets the Customer may be charged a handling fee in addition to the current ticket price.
  • 3.5 After completely filling out the e-ticket order form the Customer will be shown the total purchase price which the Customer must pay. The listed purchase price is the current price for the particular showing, including VAT, and is the final price, i.e. including any possible discounts.
  • 3.6 After submitting the order for e-tickets, the Customer is redirected to a secure payment sites such as GP webpay, PaySec, Benefit Plus, Cafeteria mojeBenefity.cz, Benefity Café or to the next step for making payment in the Benefity system.
  • 3.7 The Customer must enter all information required by the GP webpay, PaySec, Benefit Plus, Cafeteria mojeBenefity.cz, Benefity Café or Benefity payment site to complete the purchase of the desired tickets.
  • 3.8 The CineStar Company is not responsible for the payment operations conducted on the GP webpay, PaySec, Benefity, Benefit Plus, Cafeteria mojeBenefity.cz and Benefity Café websites.
  • 3.9 Upon payment of the e-ticket purchase price and successful completion of the order, the Customer will be sent an e-mail message from the CineStar Company system, a “Final Recapitulation” containing information about the tickets purchased. This “Final Recapitulation” is not a substitute for a regular ticket or e-ticket.
  • 3.10 After making payment via GP webpay, PaySec, Benefit Plus, Cafeteria mojeBenefity.cz, Benefity Café or Benefity, the Customer is directed back to the CineStar Company website to select the manner in which the e-tickets will be received. The e-ticket can be displayed in PDF format and subsequently printed, or after entering the required information (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail) the e-tickets can be sent to the Customer’s mobile telephone as an SMS. It also possible to request receipt of e-tickets in both formats.
  • 3.11 In the event that the Customer fails to select any format for receiving the e-ticket and leaves the selection page, it is possible to print the e-ticket by logging back in to the system using the same user name and password and going to overview of my orders.
  • 3.12 .In the event that the Customer enters incorrect information or technical problems occur on the part of the internet or telecommunications service provider, the CineStar Company is not liable for the delivery of e-tickets in SMS form.
  • 3.13 The numeric bar code on the e-ticket can be scanned by a reader only once, which means that the next time the printed numeric bar code or SMS bar code in a mobile phone is scanned, the e-ticket will not register and admission will not be granted to the multiplex, regardless of who previously scanned the tickets.
  • 3.14 The CineStar Company is not responsible for any problems caused by the unauthorized use or copying of e-tickets. Counterfeiting e-tickets is a crime. An e-ticket is also invalid if the information needed to check the ticket is unclear or has been subsequently altered.
  • 3.15 Upon entrance, customers with discounted e-tickets (student, ZTP etc.), will be asked to present valid documentation showing that they are entitled to such discount. If the Customer fails to produce valid documentation, he/she must pay the difference between the discounted ticket and the regular ticket in person at the multiplex box office before entering the theater.


  • 4.1 Customers can reserve tickets.
  • 4.2 The CineStar Company enables Customers to make online reservations for tickets to select showings of their choice.
  • 4.3 When making online ticket reservations, the Customer will select the desired film, the time and the seat number in the theater. As with e-tickets, the price category will also be selected. It is not possible to select any form of payment other than payment at the multiplex box office (cash or credit card) and the tickets must be picked up at the multiplex box office. For discounted price categories (student, ZTP, etc.) it is necessary when picking up the tickets to present valid documentation showing that the ticket holder is entitled to the discount. If the Customer fails to present valid documentation, he/she must pay the difference between the discounted ticket and the regular ticket price.
  • 4.4 After making the reservation the Customer will receive a “Final Recapitulation” e-mail, containing the unique number of the reservation made. Upon arrival at the multiplex box office, the Customer will provide the reservation number. Based on this reservation number, the box office personnel will sell the Customer the reserved tickets.
  • 4.5 The “Final Recapitulation” e-mail that the Customer receives after making the online reservation also contains information about the last call for picking up the tickets at the multiplex box office before the beginning of the showing. If the Customer fails to pick up the tickets according to these instructions, the CineStar Company is entitled to sell them to another Customer.
  • 4.6 The CineStar Company is not responsible for erroneous information entered by the Customer when making online reservations (date, time, film, seat in theater).
  • 4.7 The customer can save information about a booking to the Cool Ticket mobile application. The application can be used to pay for the booking and to obtain the tickets. Even if the information about a booking is saved to the Cool Ticket mobile application the customer can still make the payment at a multiscreen cinema box office. If a booking is cancelled or modified by the customer or by CineStar, or if a set deadline for payment for the booking expires, the record of the booking saved to the mobile application is cancelled and the application will refuse payment. The mobile application can be only used to pay with supported payment methods described in the business terms of Cool Ticket (standard payment cards with permitted Internet transactions). The mobile application cannot be used to pay for items other than tickets (such as a CineStar loyalty card).


  • 5.1 Upon ticket inspection the Customer will either present a valid regular ticket or an e-ticket with a numeric bar code in the form of a mobile telephone SMS or a printed PDF file. Upon entry the bar code will be scanned by a reader.
  • 5.2 The Customer is only entitled to sit in the seat designated on the ticket.
  • 5.3 The Customer must have a valid ticket available for the entire duration of the visit to the multiplex. If the ticket is lost anywhere within the paid zone, the Customer may be asked to leave the premises without any compensation.
  • 5.4 In purchasing a regular ticket or e-ticket, the Customer agrees to abide by the Cinema Visitors Code for the duration of his/her stay on the multiplex premises. The Cinema Visitors Code are always posted on the multiplex premises.
  • 5.5 The prices of all refreshments are given including VAT as required by law.


  • 6.1 With the purchase of e-tickets or the online reservation of regular tickets, the Customer gives the CineStar company consent in accordance with Act no. 101/2000 Coll., Act no. 40/1995 Coll. and Act no. 480/2004 Coll. as currently amended to process his/her personal data to the extent of name, surname, e-mail address, telephone and possibly other information provided in the registration form for the purpose of selling e-tickets or making online reservations of regular tickets, or possibly for promotional purposes or providing information about cancelled showings for the period of one year. The CineStar Company guarantees that said personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and will not ever be sold or transferred to someone else. All personal data is strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of the CineStar Company.
  • 6.2 Information used in the payment of the purchase price of e-tickets is provided directly by the company operating the secure payment website and the CineStar Company does not have access to this data. This data is protected in accordance with the general terms of the operators of these secure online payment websites.
  • 6.3 CineStar may provide information about bookings (e-mail address, address, date and time of a performance, multiscreen cinema, hall, place and price) by Cool Ticket to mediate payments for bookings in the mobile application and to send commercial features of Cool Ticket. Data provided by Cool Ticket are protected in conformity with Act No. 480/2004 Coll. and the company’s terms of business.


  • 7.1 The Customer is entitled to return a purchased ticket to the multiplex box office no later than 1 hour before the beginning of the showing. To obtain a refund for the purchased ticket the Customer must present a valid regular ticket or e-ticket.
  • 7.2 In the event a Customer uses a credit card to purchase tickets at a multiplex box office or online from the CineStar Company website and the wrong amount is charged to his/her account, the Customer is only entitled to make a claim at the bank that issued the credit card used by the Customer to purchase the tickets.
  • 7.3 If a showing is cancelled for which the Customer has already purchased a regular ticket or e-ticket, the Customer will receive a refund of admission under the following circumstances:
    • If the ticket was purchased at a multiplex box office, the Customer will be given a refund provided he/she returns without delay to the box office where the ticket was purchased, or if so desired, the Customer may exchange the ticket for a ticket to a different showing at the multiplex of equal value.
    • If this an e-ticket (purchased online), after submitting a written refund claim, the Customer will be refunded the purchase price by postal money order or bank transfer, or possibly, if the Customer so desires, the ticket can be exchanged for a ticket to another showing in the multiplex of equal value.
  • 7.4 The Customer is entitled to a refund for items purchased at the refreshments counter under the following conditions:
    • A Visitor may request a refund for items sold due to improper amount and weight, but only directly after purchase without tasting the beverage or food, or a refund due to poor quality and temperature of food immediately upon tasting.
    • A Visitor may ask personnel to check the proper volume of a beverage using a calibrated measuring cylinder or the correct weight of unwrapped goods using calibrated scales.
    • If the wrong price has been charged for the goods offered, the visitor is entitled to a refund only right when paying.
    • The Visitor is required to check the goods when paying at the register, and immediately notify personnel if different goods are received. Later refund claims will be disregarded.
    • The Visitor must count any change received right at the register. Later claims will be disregarded.
    • Unpackaged products are intended for immediate consumption by the visitor or for consumption before the expiration date listed by the manufacturer on the original packaging. The operator complies with the requirements of HACCP and the hygiene requirements issued by the manufacturer, or possibly by the importer of food products.
    • The operator is not responsible for incorrect levels on drinking cups and other containers for unpackaged food. Beverage cups and other packaging. Drinking cups and other packaging are received from the manufacturer/distributor.


  • 8.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all business conducted between the CineStar Company and the Customer.
  • 8.2 The CineStar Company reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. All changes and effective dates will be posted by the CineStar Company in a suitable manner on its website at www.cinestar.cz.
  • 8.3 These General Terms and Conditions went into effect on April 17th, 2016.