Perlux HiWhite screen technology, from renowned big-screen manufacturer Harkness, offers maximum white gain, superior color and contrast rendition, and ultra-wide viewing angles on even the largest screen formats. Projection screens can now be customized to cover the maximum area of even the largest cinema’s projection wall.


An integral part of THEATER DELUXE is a sound system of the highest quality currently available: Dolby Atmos. As a 3D “object” technology, Dolby Atmos enables filmmakers to draw viewers into the story via pinpoint sound distribution. In addition to the array of speakers placed around the perimeter, numerous speakers are also located on the ceiling. Each speaker represents an independent acoustic channel, thereby ensuring fully-realized sound. And in contrast to older sound systems, Dolby Atmos is enhanced with a third dimension beyond width and depth: the vertical. In this way, the viewer is treated to an impressively realistic surround sound experience.


Developed especially for THEATER DELUXE, the hall’s ambient side lighting system of vertically-oriented fixtures have addressable RGB LED chips, and each chip functions as an independent unit. Thus, in contrast to standard RGB LED strips, there’s no need for the entire strip to be limited to just one color – each chip can produce a different shade. The system uses a camera to capture the on-screen image, then it transfers colors from various parts of the screen (usually near the edges) to the side lights. From there the on-screen colors can flow onto the walls of the theater in real time. In this way the system creates a lighting effect that adds yet another dimension to the patrons’ visual experience.


Every row in the theater is equipped with premium seats designed by the English company Ferco Seating. To ensure that viewers enjoy the best possible experience, each Opus Glide reclining seat features a swivel table for refreshments and a comfortable cushioned headrest.


Laser projectors have been around for a few years now, and they are beginning to replace standard projectors that rely on xenon lamps. The projector used for THEATER DELUXE boasts the absolute peak of laser technology: in contrast to older systems, this innovative technology features independent lasers for generating the red, green, and blue light elements that make up the image. In this way the projector creates a picture of high dynamic contrast. The viewer enjoys a sharper image, greater depth of detail, more shades of color, and up to 76% of the visible light spectrum. The result is a movie experience that simply seems more real.