CineStar Ostrava multiscreen cinema presents
a new sound dimension
that can be experienced in only six multiplexes
in the Czech republic.

Dolby Atmos®transports you into the story with moving audio that flows all around you with breathtaking realism.
Film music, people and objects come alive with breathtaking details all around you
and even above you and you feel you are part of the story.

Dolby Atmos® brings crystal clear and clear sound perfected to the last detail.
It will enthral you with acoustic purity, faithful reproduction of details and breathtaking performance
The sound is so realistic that your heart will pound in action scenes with adrenalin coursing through your body,
and in peaceful scenes your breath will slow and you will feel complete relaxation.

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This is the sound of the future

Immerse yourself in 360°sound

From 7.1. to DOLBY ATMOS

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